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Anti-Pediculosis Products

Everyone can get lice. To solve this problem we offer safe products on natural basis, which have no suffocating smell.


Baby Product Range

with D-Panthenol

All baby care products were developed with a glance to peculiarities of baby sensitive skin and are suitable for care from the first days of life.



A product against bruises and edemas.


Birch Tar

It is a natural antiseptic with local irritating, regenerating, anti-inflammatory effects. Application of birch tar oil helps improving blood supply to the tissues, stimulates regeneration of epidermis and keratinization processes.


Body Powder

Use Dr. Luka Cosmetic Body Powder by Farmakom after shower and Your skin shall be matte, soft, a little pale and nice to touch. Powder shall mask reddening and bruises on the skin, calm it upon depilation procedure.


Carboactive Silica

It is used in case of food intoxications, infectious, allergic and skin diseases, eliminates endogenous and exogenous toxic substances of various etiologies (including poisons, alcohol, allergens, pathogenic germs and their toxins, excess metabolic products, radionuclides) from the gastrointestinal tract.


Carboactive Silika Gel

Helps normalizing gastrointestinal tract functioning, eliminating toxic substances from the body, improving secretory function of the intestine, reducing fermentation and production of gas.


Chystotil Farmakom

How to get rid of ugly growths? We offer Chystotil Farmakom – an effective product for elimination of warts, dry calluses, clavi, papillomas. It doesn’t cause formation of the new ones. A few drops of the products are needed for complete removal of warts, dry calluses and papillomas.



moisturizing vaginal gel

Eliminates vaginal discomfort, restores healthy balance of vaginal flora and supports physiological pH.


Cocoa Butter enriched

with vitamins

Strengthens immune system and has anti-inflammatory effect. This natural product accelerates healing of damaged throat mucosa: due to its expectorative effect it also helps discharging sputum from the bronchi.




A combination preparation, helping loosing stools and easing purgation. Prevention of constipation in patients, who cannot strain. It can be recommended for rectum emptying before X-ray of endoscopic (rectoscopic) examination of the gastrointestinal tract.


Magnesium+B6 effervescent tablets

effervescent tablets

Helps improving CNS and cardiovascular system functioning, boosting immunity, physical and mental efficiency, prevention of muscular strain and spasms. It has soft calming effect.


Mask for Hair Strengthening and Growth Promotion

Dr. LuKa

It is recommended for restoration of damaged hair structure throughout its length.