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Mammodol Cream


In complex therapy of dyshormonal diseases of the breast, in case of mastodynia, as well as for care for the skin on the breast. Active ingredients of the cream help relieving pain, eliminating swelling, breast heaviness and feeling of discomfort in the breast, reducing capillary walls permeability, keeping the skin on the breast stiff and elastic, preventing its premature ageing; it provides for antioxidative effect. The cream prevents stretch marks formation on the breast due to lactation.


Fucus extract, comfrey extract, horse chestnut extract, glycerol, panthenol, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, lavender oil, fennel oil, excipients.


Fucus extract is a mine of biologically active substances, useful minerals and vitamins for the skin. Fucus has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, regenerating effect. Fucus extract contains a great amount of micro- and macroelements; in addition, it contains almost all the vitamins, which our skin needs, and a well-balanced complex of organic acids. The advantage of the extract is the fact, that unique polysaccharides, which are rarely found in the terrestrial plants, are preserved in it. Due to high content of vitamins, fucus extract saturates skin with nourishing substances effectively, makes its stiff and is characterized by moisturizing and rejuvenating properties; it eliminates edemas, and helps evacuating noxious substances and wastes from the skin. Comfrey extract has anti-tumor, regenerating, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Allantoin, contained in the plant, stimulates natural regeneration of the cells. It is recommended to relieve pain syndrome. Comfrey extract is indicated in case of breast induration in lactating women. Horse chestnut extract has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Escin, contained in horse chestnut, has expressed anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and analgesic effects. Horse chestnut extract eliminates foci of inflammation, helps resolving tumors, accelerates wound-healing process.


In complex therapy of dyshormonal diseases of the breast: apply some cream to the skin on the breast twice a day with light circular movements. Term of use – 1-3 months. Further, the term of use of the cream is to be agreed with a doctor.
To relieve premenstrual tension, in case of mastodynia the cream is applied 10-12 days before menses.
To prevent stretch marks formation on the breast due to lactation it is recommended to apply the cream to the breast once-twice a day during the whole term of pregnancy. Consult a doctor before use. Use the cream during lactation period only if recommended by a doctor; apply the cream to the breast surface twice a day, wash it away before breast-feeding.


Individual sensitivity to certain components.


Сream 70 ml tube


24 months