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Massage Oil Bod Sсulpting


Bod Sculpting Massage Oil is a reliable assistant for Your body care. Due to active components in its content, massage oil is well absorbed and penetrates deeply to the skin, stimulates lipids decomposition and enhances toxic substances evacuation. If applied regularly, massage oil improves metabolic processes, reduces body mass in case of obesity, and eliminates excess liquid from the body.


Bod Sсulpting Massage Oil: sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, juniper oil, jasmine oil, cypress oil, thyme oil.


Grapeseed oil for care for all skin types; for improvement of skin elasticity, constriction of pores in case of oily skin, for prevention of acne. It is used for massage (as a base oil) in case of cellulite.

Cypress oil recommended for thin, sensitive skin, for prevention of acne. It helps normalizing sebaceous glands functioning and is used in complex anti-cellulite programs, strengthens hair, promotes its growth, restores emotional balance in case of irritability.

Thyme oil: thyme oil is a powerful immunostimulator in case of infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract. As a strong antiseptic it helps in case of skin diseases. It helps strengthening hair, restoring nail structure. It has analgesic effect in case of pain in joints, myositises, neuritises. It is recommended as an auxiliary product to relieve itch, normalizes sleep. It helps restoring vital forces after durable disease.

Jasmine oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and calming effects. It is recommended for thin sensitive and tired skin. Jasmine oil prevents dermatitises.

Sunflower oil is used for fading and dry skin due to its prefect moisturizing and regenerating properties.


Bod Sulpting mMassage Oil apply the required amount of oil to the problem parts of Your body every day, massage in circular movements for 5-15 minutes. Upon the procedure tap Your body with clean towel. It is suitable for general massage in beauty salons.


Individual intolerability to certain oil blend components.


100 ml bottle in a cardboard box.


24 months