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Badiaga Complex


– Badiaga Complex 5 g cosmetic badiaga powder + 10 ml olive oil (Spain)
Cosmetic Badiaga 5 g powder
Badiaga Balm 25 g tube


Badiaga Complex: For external use only. It is recommended for improvement of skin functional condition, in case of arthritides, radiculitis, rheumatism and hematomas and for prevention thereof.


5 g cosmetic badiaga (Spongilla) powder + 10 ml olive oil


Badiaga or Spongilla is an animal product with local irritating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It is traditional folk remedy for bruises, injuries, rheumatism. Pulverized sponges have been used for infrictions or as an ointment, mixed with fat or water for application on the skin. It has local irritating effect (due to the presence of microscopic silica needles).

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory effect, it is effective for dry and sensitive skin; the oil softens it and prevents moisture loss from cells.


Dilute Badiaga (Spongilla) with boiled water in the ratio 1:4 and apply to the damaged areas in case of traumas, stretches, bruises, hematomas for 10-20 minutes 2-3 times a day, until improvement of skin condition. As a preventive remedy (pain in the lumbar spine, muscles, joints, back) apply vegetable oil Badiaga (Spongilla) solution in the ratio 1:30 for 10-20 minutes for 7-10 days; for infrictions: rub affected area, cover it with compress paper, put a warm towel thereupon. It is allowed to interchange Badiaga (Spingilla) with other products for external use. In case of strong burning sensation wash Badiaga away.


Don’t use in case of scratches and cuts, avoid Badiaga (Spongilla) contact with nasal and eye mucosa, in case of Badiaga (Spongilla) contact with mucosa rinse it thoroughly. Individual sensitivity. To prevent individual sensitivity, it is recommended to apply minimal amount of Badiaga (Spongilla) solution on the inner arm surface.

Hypersensitivity to certain components.


5 g cosmetic badiaga powder + 10 ml olive oil (Spain)


36 months