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Cosmetic Oil Blends for Hands

for Hands


– Oil for dry hands 100 ml bottle
Hand Oil for Allergy and Irritation Relief 100 ml bottle


Oil for Dry Hands is an ideal moisturizing product for Your skin. Active ingredients of the oily blend have regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative effect, eliminate skin dryness, nourish and moisturize it. In case of regular oil blend application skin on hands becomes soft and elastic.


Flaxseed oil, grapeseed oil, chamomile extract, violet extract, D-panthenol, orange oil, vitamin A, frankincense oil


Grapeseed oil for care for all skin types; for improvement of skin elasticity, constriction of pores in case of oily skin, for prevention of acne. It is used for massage (as a base oil) in case of cellulite.

Orange oil: It is recommended as a powerful anti-cellulite product; it improves skin elasticity, enriches it with vitamins, protects dry skin, stimulates regeneration, helps renewing skin; it is effective in case of dry skin and clavi; it makes hair healthy and strong. It relieves depression effectively.

Frankincense oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, calming and rejuvenating effects. It has positive effect on airways, relieves dyspnoea, eases the state of patients with asthma. Frankincense oil is recommended for dry and fading skin, rejuvenates epidermal cells, smoothes out wrinkles, relieves skin irritation. It helps strengthening hair. The oil regulates psychoemotional state.

Flaxseed oil for care for all skin types; it has moisturizing properties, improves skin state, softens and gives it healthy color.

Panthenol provides for lasting moisturizing, improves appearance and the state of damaged hair, as well as calms irritations. It calms skin effectively, moisturizes it, relieves itch, helps smooth out wrinkles, protects skin from adverse factors.

Chamomile has anti-inflammatory effect; it intensifies regeneration processes, helps healing microtraumas and fissures quickly, improves tone.

Vitamin A moisturizes skin and supports its barrier function.

Violet extract eliminates dryness and redness, regenerates skin, prevents its premature ageing.


Apply small amount of the mixture after each hand washing, massage hands lightly. It is recommended to apply warm oil blend to hands before going to sleep and put on cotton gloves once-twice a week.


Individual intolerabillity to certain components.


100 ml bottle in a cardboard box.


24 months