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Body Powder


Body powder absorbs excess fluid, leaving the feeling of skin comfort, makes the skin smooth and soft. It gives the skin fine fragrance. Body powder absorbs sweat perfectly, promotes elimination of unpleasant smell and prevents its appearance due to sweating, helps protecting skin and makes it silky. Regular powder application leaves the feeling of comfort and freshness for the whole day. Body powder is used before depilation (eases elimination of undesirable hair, as well as helps preventing their further growing in) and after the procedure to prevent irritation. It can be used as a dry shampoo


Talc, silicon dioxide, parfum.


Talc adsorbs moisture perfectly. It is used to eliminate excess sweating and unpleasant smell. It dries skin, makes it feel clean around the clock.

Silicon dioxide absorbs sweat and sebum, prevents light reflexion from the skin surface due to sweat or sebum.


For body care: it is recommended to use the powder after a shower or a bath. Apply to clean dry skin: to the armpits, under the breast, to the décolleté, as well as too the internal hips region. If the skin regions are not cleaned before the application of the powder, its particles can cause itch and irritation. If applied to wet skin, the powder starts absorbing moisture and balling up, what shall cause unpleasant feelings.

For hair care: it is better to perform the procedure in the bath. Apply some powder to the hair strain by strain; do not wash away for 10-15 minutes. Then brush Your hair thoroughly. Clean hair effect lasts one day.


Individual sensitivity to active ingredients. ATTENTION! Do not apply to intimate areas!

Precaution Measures: Do not inhale! Keep out of reach of children.


75 ml bottle


24 months