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Mustard Gel-Balm for Pain in Joints


Mustard Gel-Balm for Pain in Joints is recommended as a prophylactic remedy for pain in joints and muscles of various etiologies. Active ingredients of the gel-balm have expressed anti-inflammatory, calefacient and analgesic effects, promote pain relief in case of rheumatic inflammations, raduculitis, myositides, neuralgia, sports and domestic injuries.


Mustard Gel-Balm for Pain in Joints: mustard powder, pepper extract, lilac extract, marsh cinquefoil extract, comfrey extract, camphor, menthol, thyme oil, rosemary oil, sage oil, excipients.


Mustard helps in case of cough and laryngitis; it is widely used as a warming and irritating agent; it intensifies circulation in the body. It is used for treatment of bronchitis, rheumatism, pneumonia, neuralgia, as well as radiculitis, gout, neuritis. Mustard has calefactory properties, which is why it is widely used for treatment and prevention of cold-related diseases both in form of food seasoning, and in form of mustard plasters, compresses, mustard baths, infrictions etc. Mustard improves appetite, helps improving digestive tract function and normalizes metabolism. Mustard intensifies circulation.

Camphor has strong anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic properties.

Mustard powder is recommended for acute respiratory diseases (ARD, bronchitis, pneumonia), central and peripheral nerve systems, for elimination of consequences of traumas of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

Pepper extract is successfully used in case of bronchitis, cold, maxillitis; it eliminates mucus for the stuffy nose and lungs.

Horseradish is used for prevention of cold-related diseases. Phytoncides in its composition protect body from infections. It has expectorating effect, is a natural antibiotic.

Menthol helps relieving cough, as it affects nasal and throat receptors.

Lilac extract improves the state in case of inflammation of joints and other musculoskeletal apparatus pathologies.

Marsh cinquefoil (comarum palustre) contains a complex of biologically active components, which account for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerating and antibacterial properties. If administered regularly, marsh cinquefoil helps restoring connective tissue structure, increases its durability and elasticity, restores synovial fluid composition; it improves blood circulation in the area of inflamed joints.

Comfrey helps relieving inflammation and pain in joints, back, muscles and tendons, accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues in case of fractures, strained ligaments, stumps. In case of diseases and traumas of joints thyme relieves pain and edemas.

Rosemary oil is perfect for massage in case of muscular pain. It has pain-reliving effect, reduces pain intensity in case of arthritis.

Use of clary sage oil in massage is explained by its ability to relieve muscular spasms and cramps.


Mustard Gel-Balm for Pain in Joints: apply a thin layer of gel-balm to clean dry skin on inflamed body parts. To prolong its calefacient effect it is recommended to cover the treated area with woolen fabric.


Hypersensitivity to certain components.


70 ml tube


24 months