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Everyone can get lice. To solve this problem we offer safe products on natural basis, which have no suffocating smell.



Rutin in combination with ascorbin acid reduces capillary permeability and fragility, strengthens vascular wall, has anti-inflammatory effect and antioxidative properties.


Cocoa Butter enriched with vitamins


Зміцнює імунітет і має протизапальну дію. Цей натуральний продукт прискорює загоєння пошкодженої слизової оболонки горла, а також допомагає вивести мокроту з бронхів завдяки своєму відхаркувальному ефекту.


Cough Phytosyrups

при кашлі

For normalization of bronchopulmonary system function in case of seasonal cold-related diseases. They are used to improve sputum discharge in case of inflammation of the airways.


Cough Tablets mit Thermopsis

Cough tablets relieve dry and productive cough, promote improvement of bronchopulmonary system functioning in case of seasonal catarrhal diseases. It has soft expectorative effect. Tablets contain licorice extract and baking soda, which help discharging sputum in case of productive cough; the product also has thinning effect, what is of great assistance in case of dry cough.


Dr. Luka Cold Balms

An ideal combination of essential oils and natural components, each of which has its own curative power, and all together relieve symptoms of cold, headache, mitigate fatigue, tension and stresses, increase life force energy effectively.



A prophylactic dietary supplement in case of catarrhal diseases, as well as a remedy for reduction of the frequency and intensity of cough attacks in case of acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, bronchial spasms of various ethology, smoker’s cough.



The dietary supplement boosts body defenses, normalizes intestinal microflora, cardiovascular system functioning, reduces blood cholesterol level, normalizes lipid metabolism; it is applied for ARD, angina, bronchitis, flu.


Herbal Tea for Thorax

Biologically active substances, contained in the tea, have expectorative, anti-inflammatory, coating effect, relieve cough, intensify functional activity of the epithelium in the respiratory ways, promote sputum thinning and discharge.


Immunity boosting phytosyrups

для імунітету

For immunity boosting and general strengthening. It is used for prevention of acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases, respiratory and viral infections, in case of prolonged antibiotic therapy.


Linden Tea

Краткое описание


Mustard Product Range

Promotes pain relief in case of rheumatic inflammations, raduculitis, myositides, neuralgia, sports and domestic injuries



for Cold

Normalize bronchopulmonary system functioning in case of seasonal cold-related diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, including laryngitis, tracheitis, chronic bronchitis, acute respiratory diseases.



Cough Lozenges

Lozenges improve functional state of the upper respiratory ways and the mouth cavity, stimulate expectoration and sputum discharge, calms cough. They boost local immunity.


Rynolor Nasal Sprays

Nasal Sprays

In case of catarrhal or viral rhinitis it is sound to use plant-based products, which components have antibacterial, detoxicating, antiviral properties, improve body resistance, nasal mucosa trophism, eliminate its puffy swelling.


Sage Tea

The tea reduces inflammation of the mucosa, stimulates active digestion, reduces gas formation and flatus.


Thyme Tea

The tea eases symptoms in case of cold, boosts immunity, improves digestion, cleans bowels from wastes and toxins, has positive effect on the nervous system, relieves general fatigue, mental and physical strain.


Zirochka Balms

A composition of essential oils and excipients shall help in case of various diseases.


Аскорбиновая кислота

Boosts body defences against infections and adverse environmental factors.



Шавлія - Ф допомагає відновити голос, полегшує біль у горлі, позбавляє від виснажливого почуття першіння в горлі.