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Gel-Balm Mustard Hot


Mustard Hot Gel-Balm is recommended as an effective remedy for respiratory diseases and overcooling, accompanied by runny nose, nasal congestion, for better sputum discharge and reduction of its viscosity in case of upper respiratory tract inflammation. Complex of active ingredients of the balm has a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic effect, improves blood circulation; it has prolonged calefacient effect, what in its turn contributes to relief of symptoms of cold.


Mustard Hot Gel-Balm: purified water, mustard powder, horseradish extract, camphor, menthol, pepper extract, carbomer, turpentine, eucalyptus oil, sodium hydroxide, nipaguard.


Mustard helps in case of cough and laryngitis; it is widely used as a warming and irritating agent; it intensifies circulation in the body. It is used for treatment of bronchitis, rheumatism, pneumonia, neuralgia, as well as radiculitis, gout, neuritis. Mustard has calefactory properties, which is why it is widely used for treatment and prevention of cold-related diseases both in form of food seasoning, and in form of mustard plasters, compresses, mustard baths, infrictions etc. Mustard improves appetite, helps improving digestive tract function and normalizes metabolism. Mustard intensifies circulation.

Camphor has strong anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic properties.

Turpentine has antiseptic, bactericidal, disinfecting and warming effects.

Mustard powder is recommended for acute respiratory diseases (ARD, bronchitis, pneumonia), central and peripheral nerve systems, for elimination of consequences of traumas of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

Eucalyptus oil is used for prevention of viral and infectious diseases, as well as for inhalations and breast infriction in case of diseases of the throat and bronchi.

Pepper extract is successfully used in case of bronchitis, cold, maxillitis; it eliminates mucus for the stuffy nose and lungs.

Horseradish is used for prevention of cold-related diseases. Phytoncides in its composition protect body from infections. It has expectorating effect, is a natural antibiotic.

Menthol helps relieving cough, as it affects nasal and throat receptors.


Mustard Hot Gel-Balms: massage small amount of gel-balm to the chest and back. Apply to clean dry skin. To prolong its calefacient effect it is recommended to cover the treated area with woolen fabric.


Hypersensitivity to certain components.


70 ml tube


24 months