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Oil for Erotic Massage


Oil for Erotic Massage: Application of the oil for erotic massage is an ideal way to relax and improve sexual fulfillment. Exquisite aroma of essential oils shall create pleasant atmosphere, while active components of base oils shall fill Your skin with nutritive substances, tone and moisturize it. Soft and delicate oil consistency provides for easy and durable hands sliding.


Oil for Erotic Massage: sunflower oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, neroli oil, sandalwood oil, bergamot oil, ylang-ylang oil.


Grapeseed oil for care for all skin types; for improvement of skin elasticity, constriction of pores in case of oily skin, for prevention of acne. It is used for massage (as a base oil) in case of cellulite.

Olive oil has moisturizing, softening and regenerating properties. It is best for sensitive, inflamed skin: it softens, retains moisture and does not block normal skin functions.

Bergamot oil eliminates inflammatory processes and skin irritations; normalizes sebaceous and sweat glands secretion in problem skin areas, tones, shrinks pores, lightens pigmented areas.

Ylang-Ylang Oil is recommended for irritated, damaged and oily skin. It stimulates growth of new cells in deep skin layers, prevents its premature ageing. Ylang-ylang oil stimulates capillary circulation and nourishes skin perfectly. It helps setting tan and make it last longer, relieves skin irritation after sunbaths. It deodorises and aromatizes skin for long.

Neroli oil: It is recommended for skin revitalization and rejuvenation, smoothing out wrinkles, as an auxiliary product in case of cracked skin, eczemas, acne and herpetic rash.

Sandalwood oil has antibacterial, wound-healing, antiviral, tonic properties. Sandalwood aroma has positive effect on nervous system, relieves anxiety and strain, fear, eliminates signs of depression. It is recommended for dry, loose, rough, pimpled skin; it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects; it is a powerful aphrodisiac; the oil helps improving psychoemotional state.

Sunflower oil is used for fading and dry skin due to its prefect moisturizing and regenerating properties.


Oil for Erotic Massage: apply small amount of the oil to the palms and do a light massage of erogenous zones, including neck, arms, hands, legs, feet and ears.


Individual intolerability to certain oil blend components.


100 ml bottle in a cardboard box.


24 months