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Anti-Cellulite Citrus Massage Blend


– Anti-Cellulite Citrus Massage Blend 100 ml bottle
Bod Sсulpting Massage Oil 100 ml bottle
Firming Body Massage Oil 100 ml bottle
Oil for Erotic Massage 100 ml bottle


Anti-Cellulite Citrus Massage Blend is an ideal product for care for problem parts of Your body. Oils, contained in the massage blend, have regenerating, moisturizing and lifting effects, sooth, promote destructive adipose tissue evacuation, skin slackness elimination. Regular application of the blend makes skin smooth and elastic, eliminates orange peel effect.


Anti-Cellulite Citrus Massage Blend: apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, orange oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil.


Apricot kernel oil has regenerating and moisturizing properties. It nourishes and softens skin prone to irritations, makes it healthy, smooth and elastic. It is used for sensitive skin massage.

Jojoba oil has regenerating, moisturizing and lifting properties. It softens problem dry rough skin and wind-burned lips and makes skin elastic. It is used for delicate skin care after sunbaths.

Wheat germ oil for care for all skin types; it stimulates circulation, helps normalizing metabolic processes, nourishes the skin.

Orange oil: It is recommended as a powerful anti-cellulite product; it improves skin elasticity, enriches it with vitamins, protects dry skin, stimulates regeneration, helps renewing skin; it is effective in case of dry skin and clavi; it makes hair healthy and strong. It relieves depression effectively.

Grapefruit oil: It eliminates edema, relaxes tight muscles, tones, relieves headache and acts as a prophylactic remedy for depressive states. Grapefruit oil is recommended for improvement of secretion and drainage functions of the sebaceous glands, for lightening and whitening oily skin. It purifies and tones skin perfectly, prevents comedones.

Lemon oil is recommended for oily skin; it helps managing bacterial and viral rash, smoothes out small wrinkles and spider veins, whitens skin effectively, softens rough skin. The oil eliminates hair and nail fragility, gives them healthy shine. Lemon oil is used against obesity.


Anti-Cellulite Citrus Massage Blend apply small amount of the oil to Your palms and do a deep massage of problem parts of Your body. The effect of massage oil is enhanced, when combining massage with baths (1 teaspoon of oil per a bath). Do massage and take baths on alternate days. When taking a bath, massage problem skin areas with a brush or a hard sponge.


Individual intolerability to certain oil blend components.


100 ml bottle in a cardboard box.


24 months