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Climona® moisturizing vaginal gel

medical device


Climona® medical product is a non-hormonal moisturizing gel for intimate hygiene. When applied topically, it has a temporary effect on the vaginal mucosa, but does not affect the functions of the organs and systems of the body. Eliminates vaginal discomfort, helps restore the balance of vaginal microflora and maintains the physiological pH level, provides protection and restoration of the vaginal mucosa after infectious and inflammatory conditions, has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory, sanitizing, moisturizing effect.

• to prevent the onset of symptoms of vaginal dryness associated with age-related changes, estrogen deficiency, hormone replacement therapy or the use of oral contraceptives;
• in conditions accompanied by itching, burning, irritation or dryness of the vaginal mucosa;
• as an aid when it is necessary to heal damage to the vaginal mucosa after childbirth, gynecological and surgical interventions;
• in women in the postpartum period, breastfeeding and who have developed lactation atrophic vulvovaginitis;
• if there are symptoms of atrophy of the vaginal mucosa as a result of chemotherapy, radiation or radiotherapy;
• as a prophylaxis with long-term use of glucocorticosteroids, antibacterial agents after visiting public places (sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool, ponds), in the absence of the opportunity to apply hygiene procedures;
• to eliminate vaginal dryness and discomfort during sexual intercourse;
• to restore the mucous membrane during inflammatory conditions of the vagina (bacterial vaginosis, thrush, etc.), to maintain and restore the optimal acidity of the vaginal secretion.


Prepared water – 3475.0 mg, aloe extract – 300.0 mg, mallow extract – 300.0 mg, chamomile extract – 300.0 mg, hyaluronic acid (as sodium hyaluronate) – 25.0 mg, vitamin B5 – 100.0 mg, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) – 25.0 mg, lactic acid – 15.0 mg, allantoin – 10.0 mg, excipients


Aloe extract strengthens local immunity, promotes regeneration of the vaginal mucosa, moisturizes, eliminates irritation and itching. Biologically active components of aloe have anti-inflammatory properties.

Mallow extract has a softening, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.



Method of application:
• Take the tube out of the box;
• before use, it is recommended to thoroughly wash your hands and tube under running water and soap;
• shake off the contents of the tube, break off the seal covering the thin part of the tube, preventing the gel from leaking;
• in a lying position, insert the thin part of the tube completely into the vagina, squeeze out the contents of the tube by pressing it 2-3 times.

Each tube is designed for one use. If necessary, it is recommended to use sanitary pads when some of the gel has expired.
It is recommended to use at night before bed once a day for 7-10 days.
Climon’s medical product can be used in courses or as needed.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the gel.


– Do not use the Climona® medical device if the tube is damaged or after the expiration date;
– do not reuse;
– a slight burning sensation may appear (mainly at the first use), which soon disappears with further use;
– for some people prone to allergic reactions, in some cases, while using the gel, irritation of the mucous membrane may occur. In such cases, the use of the gel should be discontinued;
– if pregnant or lactating, consult your healthcare professional before use.


5 ml tube N5


24 months