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It has nourishing and moisturising properties. It protects skin on hand and feet from exfoliation, wind burning and frostbites. It promotes restoration of lipid layer and has protective effect. Active components help remove dryness quickly making leaving on hands and feet soft and well-tended.


Coconut butter, Shea butter, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, citrus fragrance.


Coconut butter contains triglycerides and saturated fatty acids, which is why it is favourable for the skin. Due to high content of vitamins A, C, E butter is a natural antioxidant and a great moisturizer, as it also contains hyaluronic acid. In addition, coconut butter has great antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, softening effect on the hair and the skin, which is why it is highly appreciated as a cosmetic product. Triglycerides and vitamin E account for its easy absorption and penetration deep into the skin; this product helps softening rough skin regions and prevents fissures. Coconut butter is suitable for daily nail, hand and foot care.

Due to its unique composition (fusion of essential triglycerides, fatty acids – oleic – 35-55%, stearic – 35-45%, palmitic acids 3% and unsaponifiable fats – up to 17%) Shea (Karite) butter is a great active ingredient for cosmetic preparations. The oil is applied easily, absorbed greatly leaving skin smooth and soft. Unsaponifiable fats in butter composition have regenerating properties and stimulate collagen synthesis actively. In addition, they have great sun protecting properties and are natural UV filters. A composition of all these properties allows using Shea (Karite) butter as an active component in sensitive and damaged skin care programs, as well as in anti-age programs. Regular Karite butter use helps improving skin complexion, moisturizing skin and eliminating dryness and irritation, thickening skin texture, boosting its tone and resilience, reducing wrinkles depth.



Massage small amount of butter to the clean dry skin until it is fully absorbed. Suitable for daily use.


Individual sensitivity to certain components.


45 ml jar


24 months