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Black and White Carboactive with Chamomile

Multifunctional combination enterosorbent, based on activated carbon and silicon dioxide, with high sorption activity in relation to substances with various structure, as well as wide detoxicative effect.



activated charcoal

It is used for dyspepsia, bloating, foodborne intoxications, intoxications with alkaloids, salts of heavy metals etc.


Carboactive Silica

It is used in case of food intoxications, infectious, allergic and skin diseases, eliminates endogenous and exogenous toxic substances of various etiologies (including poisons, alcohol, allergens, pathogenic germs and their toxins, excess metabolic products, radionuclides) from the gastrointestinal tract.


Carboactive Silika Gel

Helps normalizing gastrointestinal tract functioning, eliminating toxic substances from the body, improving secretory function of the intestine, reducing fermentation and production of gas.


No Hangover

No Hangover Dietary Supplement by Farmakom can help recovering from hangover quickly. Succinic acid in its composition accelerates process of alcohol decomposition, more active evacuation of its metabolites, mitigation of signs of alcohol intoxication, reduction of withdrawal symptoms and improvement of general well-being, as well as promotes elimination of toxic substances from the body.


Succinic acid

The dietary supplement helps improving general health in case of fatigue, supports cardiovascular system. It accelerates process of alcohol decomposition, reduces signs of alcohol intoxication, reduces withdrawal syndrome (hangover) and helps eliminating toxic substances from the body.