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Dr. Luka Cold Balm

for Children


The balm are recommended for cold-related diseases, accompanied by difficult breathing, cough, nasal congestion. Active ingredients of the balm activate body defenses, provide for antiviral, antibacterial effect of the balm, help improving circulation in organs and tissues, making breathing easier, provide light sedative effect.


Camphor, birch extract, turpentine oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, abies (silver fir) oil, excipients.


Camphor has irritating and analgesic effect.

Menthol dilates blood vessels, provokes cooling sensation, accompanied by light analgesic effect.
In case of respiratory organs diseases birch improves sputum discharge, reduces intensity of inflammatory process, and boosts body defenses.

Turpentine oil provides for local vessels dilatation and irritates nerve endings, what improves blood flow in the area of its application and provides calefactory effect. In addition, turpentine oil has antiseptic, analgesic and detracting effects.

Eucalyptus oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties, provides great expectorative, mucolytic and spasmolytic effects, helps improving circulation in respiratory organs.



Dr. Luka Balm for Children from 3 to 12 is rubbed to the back, chest, avoiding heart region. After the infriction it is recommended to put the child to bed and to tuck with a blanket to warm the child. Repeat 2-3 times a day. Term of use is up to 5 days.


Dr. Luka Balm for Children: children under 3, individual intolerability to certain formulation components, predisposition to broncho- and laryngospasms, skin damages of various etiologies in the area of product application. To prevent allergic reactions in a child, apply small amount of the balm to the elbow of the child and wait several minutes. In case of skin reddening and appearance of burning sensations restrain from using the balm. In case of eye and mucosa contact rinse thoroughly.


40 g jar in a cardboard box


24 months