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Chystotil Farmakom


It is recommended as a cosmetic product for elimination of warts, clavi, dry calusses and papillomas; it doesn’t cause formation of the new ones. Skin defects are removed almost without a trace.


Purified water, sodium hydroxide.


Sodium hydroxide (lye, caustic soda) is a strong alkali by its properties. It is used in pharmaceutic, chemical, food, textile industry. In cosmetology it is used to eliminate cornified skin areas, warts, papillomas, as an alkaline and emulsifying additive in soap, shampoos, creams, nail polish removers.


Before starting the procedure determine skin defect (wart, clavus, dry callus or papilloma). Apply rich amount of baby cream around the area, then apply one drop of Chystotil Farmatom to the wart, clavus, dry callus or papilloma, wait for the remedy to absorb completely. Do not allow the product to spread and do not rub in!

Wart: apply 1 drop a day for 3 days.

Clavi and calluses: apply 1 drop a day for 5-8 days.

Papilloma: apply 1 drop a day for 2-3 days.

You will feel light burning sensation during use. Apply this product until black spots appear on the surface of the treated area, witnessing of the beginning of the process of defect necrosis, which shall be completed without Your participation in 5-7 days.

In case of contact of the fluid with intact skin, it is recommended to wash the affected area under streaming water for 10-15 minutes.


Individual sensitivity to components. Do not use in case of skin damages. Do not use the product for face care. Avoid contact of fluid with healthy skin areas and mucosa.

Do not try to eliminate nevi!


1,5 ml bottle


24 months