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Hair Shampoos

ТМ Dr. Luka


– Bulgarian Rose Shampoo
– Willow Shampoo
– Nettle Shampoo
– Burdock Shampoo
– Honey Shampoo
– Wormwood Shampoo
– Chamomile Shampoo
– Fir Needle Shampoo
– Egg Shampoo


Bulgarian Rose Shampoo: for care for all hair types, for hair strengthening, restoring and its active growth. Dr. LuKa shampoo with Bulgarian rose clens hair gently, improves hair look, makes it silky, thicker and nice to the touch.

Willow Shampoo: for care for all hair types. If applied regularly, Dr. LuKa Willow shampoo returns hair its natural glow and strength, reduces risk of inflammatory and allergic reactions manifestation.

Nettle Shampoo: Special shampoo formulation is developed for care for all hair types. Dr. LuKa Nettle Shampoo cleans hair gently and effectively, causing no scalp irritation, returns hair its strength, elasticity, vital power and natural glow.

Burdock Shampoo: for care for all hair types, its strengthening and growth. Dr. LuKa Burdock Shampoo cleans hair effectively, reduces hair loss significantly, restores its natural glow and volume



Bulgarian Rose Shampoo: Melissa extract, Bulgarian Rose oil, panthenol, excipients.

Willow Shampoo: willow bark extract, panthenol, excipients.

Nettle Shampoo: nettle extract, panthenol, excipients.

Burdock Shampoo: Burdock extract, panthenol, excipients.

Honey Shampoo: bee pollen extract, panthenol, excipients.

Wormwood Shampoo: Wormwood extract, panthenol, excipients.

Chamomile Shampoo: Chamomile extract, panthenol, excipients.

Pine Needle Shampoo: pine extract, panthenol, excipients.

Egg Shampoo: lecithin, wheat extract, panthenol, excipients.


Wormwood relieves itch and irritation effectively, reduces sebaceous glands activity, strengthens hair bulbs, provides antibacterial effect.

Panthenol restores natural mechanisms of hair and scalp moisturizing, gives the hair its volume and natural glow.

Curative properties of chamomile extract allow for gentle and delicate damaged hair care, gradually returning it its lost glow, beauty and natural strength.

Pine extract in shampoo formulation refreshes and tones the scalp, strengthens hair bulbs and fights with hair loss, prevents dandruff.



Apply small amount of the shampoo to wet hair, massage throughout the length and wash thoroughly. Suitable for everyday use



330 ml bottle. Bulgarian Rose Shampoo 10 ml sachet and 330 ml bottle


24 months