Russian proverb says: “The banya is like a second mother as it both heals bones with steam and helps the body sweat out”. And what kind of steam bath it is without good steam bath necessities? One of the most essential elements for steam baths has always been soap or shampoo. Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd. has developed and manufactured a range of soaps for steam bath especially for steam bath enthusiasts, which not only provides for thorough body and hair care, but also creates aromatherapy effect due to high essential oils content.


Few tips for the beginners:

It is better to start using to steam bath procedures gradually. Take a steam bath either twice, once a week, or even once in two weeks. You draw Your own schedule, which is convenient for You.

You shouldn’t take bath either immediately after meals or on an empty stomach. The best dietary regimen is to eat light food (Lenten soup or a vegetable dish) at least 2 hours before the procedure, it is allowed to eat some vegetables and fruit 1 hour before the procedure.

It is not recommended to drink alcohol before taking steam bath. Restrain from drinking alcohol after the procedure to avoid problems with Your heart.

When going to steam bath be sure to take change underwear, a besom, a sheet, a Turkish towel or a gown, soap or shampoo, bath sponge (better a hard one), a hairbrush, woolen hat, slippers. And be sure to take a towel or a small sheet You are going to sit at in a steam room.

When entering a steam room for the first time, chose the bench with the lowest temperature (usually it is the lowest bench). Take such a position, so that Your legs are in one line with the body or a bit over Your head. It is most convenient to lie on the bench.

Warm up for 3-5 minutes, then leave the steam room, take a rest and enter the room one more time for 10 minutes or so. After this Your body is practically ready for the procedure of Russian steam bath – besom massage.

After besom massage You may take either cold shower, or dip into cold swimming pool. It is better to dip into cold water gradually: sharp temperature changes are harmful for cardiovascular system.

It is not recommended to wash with hot water (especially Your hair) in the steam bath: it intensifies sebaceous glands activity, what leads to excess skin oiliness. It is better to use hard bath sponge, what assures better removal of dead skin parts and is a great massage.

The procedure in the steam room may be repeated 2-3 times. Usually total time, spent in the steam room with humid air, is 10-30 minutes.

After steam bath procedures a warm shower, then a cold shower is taken, the body is wiped thoroughly and a 30-40 minutes rest is taken; it is better to stay in lying position. It is allowed to dress and go outside only after a good rest.

Method of Application: apply small amount of the soap to wet hair and body skin, massage lightly and wash it away. It is suitable for all skin types.

Contraindications: individual sensitivity to certain components.

Form and Presentation: 500 ml plastic jar in a cardboard box.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Ukraine, Kharkiv.