Producing and Manufacturing Company Farmakom Limited was founded in 1995. The company started its activity on the market with manufacture of dressing materials: medical cotton wool, bandages, gauzes. After reconstruction of own manufacturing areas the company initiated introduction of a new direction – manufacture of dietary supplements, balms, creams, dust powders and other cosmetic products in 2003. For 21 years of its existence the company gained popularity as a manufacturer of highly qualitative products, enjoying high demand.

As of today Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of highly qualitative and highly efficient therapeutic dietary supplements, sweetening agents, cosmetic products in Ukraine. Strategic direction for the company is manufacture of products with proven efficiency.

Multistage control level – from the stage of raw materials receiving and proof of its compliance with norms and specifications to manufacture and release of ready-made products – has been introduced to all the manufacture stages. Application of efficient technologies and modern types of packing materials allows our products to preserve their application properties within the declared shelf life.

Manufactured products line contains over 680 items, which are applied in various therapeutic spheres – dietary supplements, therapeutic cosmetic products, essential oils etc. Skilled specialists and modern equipment give us the possibility to constantly extend the line of products manufactured, offering the consumer new interesting products with high demand level.

The guaranteed quality of our products, stability and constant product line extension allow our company taking dominant position in the market o dietary supplements and cosmetic products in Ukraine and use merited demand abroad. The leading largest national market operators are distributors of our company.

Products of Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd. is represented in Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lebanon. You can buy them in the internet shops worldwide.

Products by Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd. are a guarantee of quality and efficiency.


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