INDOLE-F (for women) (60 caps x 400mg)

Indole-F® is recommended as an additional source of indolic compounds and ascorbic acid to prevent proliferative processes in women’s reproductive system.

Ingredients: indole-3-carbinol (I3C) – 90 mg, mixture of vegetables of the mustard family – 238 mg, broccoli extract – 10 mg, vitamin C – 50 mg.

Indole-F® is recommended as an additional source of indolic compounds and ascorbic acid to prevent proliferative processes in women’s reproductive system.

Benign proliferative diseases of female reproductive system, caused by pathological hyperplastic processes in endometrial, myometrial and mammal tissues, take the leading place in the structure of general gynecological diseases as of today. There are a lot of theoretical justifications for triggers of benign proliferative diseases of female reproductive system, but traditionally they are believed to be hormone-dependent pathologies. The key factor for their emerging is hormonal imbalance (rise or reduction in female sex hormones secretion). These are hormonal disorders, which lead to development of most diseases of female reproductive system in women and provide adverse effect at their psychological state and the quality of life.

Main factors, causing hormonal imbalance in women

As far as few decades back hormonal imbalance was rarely observed. Unfortunately hormonal disorders today are one of the sings of our time. Woman’s body is a self-sufficient and a comprehensive whole, but nevertheless it is affected by numerous factors, causing these or those hormonal disorders:

Diseases, which occur more often due to hormonal imbalance, primarily include:

And this is not the full list of the diseases, emerging against the background of hormonal disturbances in women. Many of hormone-induced diseases of women’s reproductive sphere are dangerous due to the fact, that the absence of therapy may cause their transformation to malignant tumors.

Basic symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women

Hormonal imbalance in woman’s body causes a number of functional disorders and affects her emotional and physical state. It is no doubt that clinical pattern of hormonal imbalance is in close connection with the age and general state of woman’s body, as well as with the reason of hormonal imbalances. Though, it is possible to pick out the symptoms, which are characteristic of all the cases of hormonal profile abnormalities.

Menstrual disorders. Primarily, hormonal profile abnormalities cause menstrual disorders. This can be manifested in dysmenorrhea, short menses, characterized by scarce or excessive discharge, as well in absence of menses. Menstrual disorders may be accompanied by surges in blood pressure, frequent dizziness uprushes, visible puffiness, abdominal distention, general weakness.

Functional Neurological Disorders in case of hormonal imbalance are manifested in the form of irritability, rapid fatigability, inclination to mood swing (tearfulness), emotional deterioration, even to the depression.

Changes in the appearance. Hormonal disorders in woman’s body leave an imprint on their appearance. Acneiform eruption, increased skin oiliness may speak of dysfunction of the ovaries, which is accompanied by excess male hormones secretion.

Body Mass Increase. Rapid body mass increase irrespective of the amount of consumed food is characteristic of hormonal disorders. In case of hormonal imbalance it is possible to put on weight, even when keeping a diet.

Decreased libido. The woman is no longer excited by caresses, she does no longer want to have intimate contact.

Indole-F® is a plant cancer protector, aimed at solving the problem of proliferative processes within female reproductive sphere.

Modern trends in pharmacological correction of pathologic proliferative processes imply simultaneous effect of the remedy on several key stages of tumor origination and development (cancerogenesis) with the absence of toxicity and expressed character of side effects, caused by a remedy. Indole-F® is a combination non-hormonal remedy, containing a component of plant origin – indole-3-carbinol (I3C), having antiproliferative effect and preventing estrogen-sensitive diseases development.

Being a biologically active compound, found in the vegetables of the mustard family, I3C blocks both hormone-sensitive and hormone-insensitive mechanisms, activating pathological cells growth in breast and uterine tissues.

Non-hormonal basis of Indole-F® allows its recommendation for women with endocrine and metabolic disorders as a remedy with selective effect and high proliferative signal.

Indications for Indole-F® use are female reproductive system diseases, caused by the processes of pathological cells proliferation:

It is also recommended for women with psychovegetative disorders in premenopausal and early menopausal period to improve their psycho-emotional state and reduce expressiveness of neurovegetative disorders. Being a biologically active compound, contained in the vegetables of the mustard family, I3C blocks both hormone-sensitive and hormone-insensitive mechanisms, activating pathologic cells grow in breast and uterine tissues.

Today Indole-F® is viewed as an effective and safe remedy for hormonal imbalance in women, affecting various stages of their pathogenesis.

Method of Administration: take 1-2 capsules twice a day with food, wash down with sufficient amount of water, for 3-6 months. The dietary supplement is well tolerated, has no side effects if applied for a long period of time, due to selective action of I3C on the cells with high proliferative signal.

In case of necessity therapy course is repeated.

Contraindications: children under 12, pregnancy and lactation, individual intolerance to certain components.

Form and Presentation: capsules 0.4 g N30, N60 and N120.

Not a medicine.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Ukraine, Kharkiv.