Lice Free Remedy

Lice free shampoo

It is recommended for external use for elimination of head lice and nits (Pediculus humanus scapitis) domiciliary and in case of medical desinsection by the specialists of organizations, involved in disinsecting.

Ingredients: dimeticone, isopropyl myristate, anise essential oil, nipaguard DPU.

Lice Free Remedy has physical effect on lice, based on displacement of air from the respiratory system of parasites, firm congestion of their breathing openings, what leads to their dehydration (water depletion) and death.

Method of Application: put a dropping tip, which is involved in the set, on the bottle with the remedy before application, then apply the contents of the bottle to dry hair, rubbing the solution in the roots until the hair is completely wet. Brush the hair with special comb to comb out dead lice and louses in 45 minutes. It is recommended to treat long and very thick hair strand by strand. It is recommended to place comb to the scalp as close as possible and to work out from roots to ends. Wash comb with warm water after each combing to eliminate hair, lice and nits and to wipe it completely dry with a towel. After elimination of lice and nits from a strand pin it back and start with a next one. Make sure You removed all lice and nits, then wash it thoroughly with shampoo without applying hair balm.

If necessary, wash Your hair twice. Repeat the procedure in 7-10 days.

Precaution Measures: to prevent contact of the remedy with eye and nasopharyngeal mucosa it is recommended to put on a cotton wool bandage (along hair growth line). It is recommended to use rubber gloves during the procedure. In case of contact with eyes, wash Your eyes thoroughly. It is recommended for persons, inclined to allergies, to perform sensitization test. If the remedy falls on solid surface (floor, bathroom), be careful, as there is a risk of slipping.

Contraindications: individual intolerability of certain components, children under 5, pregnancy, lactation, skin damages and diseases in the area of remedy application.

Inflammable! Do not apply the remedy near open fire or heat sources. In case of accident leakage wash the contaminated place with soap-soda solution (50 g of calcined soda and 20 g of lye soap per 1 l of water).

Form and Presentation: package, containing lice free remedy 90 ml and shampoo 90 ml.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Ukraine, Kharkiv.