A New Product by Farmakom

Unhealthy and poor nutrition is one of the plagues of our time. Even though people try keeping a healthy diet they cannot be sure, their food is of really great quality. Pesticides, preserving agents, transgenes... Our diet becomes more and more like poison. Results do not keep us waiting: compromised immunity and increased fatigue are the problems, which are experienced even by sound people. We suffer from critical deficiency of vitamins and microelements, which are necessary for productive life! Adherents of a healthy lifestyle say, ‘Sink or swim!’ and grow food themselves. Some work in a vegetable garden; some grow algae and spirulina.

Spirulina is believed to be a unique plant only by reason that it grows on our planet for thousands of years and has an unmatched biochemical composition. It is interesting that composition of spirulina resembles special food additives, which are taken by the sportsmen to increase force output, tone muscles and lose weight. Spirulina by Farmakom is a prophylactic remedy and a great source of iodine, which is prescribed for thyroid diseases. The effect of active components leads to reduction of blood glucose level, boosting immunity, and provides for antioxidant effect. Spirulina is a macro-source of biologically active compounds, including:

In addition, spirulina is often used to reduce allergy manifestations, to prevent viral infections, as well as to boost immunity.

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CONSTIPATION... Probably everyone had that sense of discomfort. Constipation is one of the signs of improper diet and the first sign of serious gastric disorders, as well as disorders of functioning of the whole body. Its main reasons are:

One of the ways to solve that problem is castor oil.

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THE SHIFFLES: to be or not to be?

Autumn brings not only Indian summer, but also the season of cold-related diseases, which frequent symptom is the sniffles, or rhinitis (Greek rinos – nose) in a scientific fashion. By disregarding the problem or, vice versa, using too many remedies to treat the sniffles can complicate the progress of the disease. Do not wait until the sniffles disappears by itself. Start treating the sniffles at once! It is not that pleasant to breathe by mouth, to blow Your nose and see Your reddened swollen nose and watery eyes in the mirror, not to smell anything all the time. Unfortunately, the sniffles is not viewed as a disease and only a few know that usual sniffles may develop into acute sinusitis (inflammation of paranasal sinuses) in 5-7 days, then developing into chronic form and cause such problems as maxillary sinusitis, otitis etc.

Neglected sniffles often develops into chronic form and then reminds of itself in case of the slightest overcooling.

The sniffles and its therapy are among the urgent problems in autumn and winter. Despite of the fact that most people view this disease as ‘not serious’, the bad sniffles is a widespread disease, which can emerge both independently, and be one of the main symptoms of a cold or viral diseases. As an independent disease, the sniffles is a result of overcooling during cold and wet season. In case of the sniffles, nasal mucosa becomes puffy, increased in volume; airflow through nasal passages is slowed down, all this contributing to malignant bacteria growth. In case of catarrhal or viral rhinitis, it is reasonable to use plant-based nasal remedies, which components have antibacterial, detoxifying, antiviral properties, boost body defenses, improve nasal mucosa trophism, and eliminate its puffiness. As a result excess mucus amount is reduced; nasal cavity passability and breathing are made easier. Application of nasal remedies, based on natural components, is allowed for pregnant and lactating women under the care of physician.

Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd. offers its solution – RYNOLOR.

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The summer is over; children are back from the seaside, summer recreation camps, sanatoria, sport and touristic gatherings. Each year summer gives a possibility for thousands of children to gain health, breathe fresh air, though often children bring surprises, which are not that pleasant for their parents, e.g. lice (pediculosis). According to doctor’s observations, pediculosis is more often observed in children aged from 5 to 12. Unlike adults, children are more dynamic and sociable, spend much time playing face-to-face games, whisper secrets into friend’s ear, switch their hats, hair clips, and use one hairbrush without hesitation. Despite of the fact that medical officers undertake periodic examination in children’s institutions to reveal these unpleasant blood-sucking insects, we often have to prevent further spread of this disease at home, by own forces. A new product by Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd. – Anti-Lice Set – may help coping with this problem.

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