Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd.

Farmakom company is Ukrainian biggest manufacturer of top quality and high efficient health care cosmetics, dietary supplements, essential and fatty oils.

Farmakom Ltd is a member of the group of six companies, working in Ukraine and abroad and oriented on manufacturing and trade of health care goods. Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd. was established in 1999. At the very beginning, the company has become popular due to the production of qualitative, competitive medical products such as medicinal cotton, bandages, gauze lengths.

Starting from 2003, after reconstruction of production areas, the company has started new branch of activity – manufacturing of dietary supplements, slimming products and medicinal cosmetics: balms, oils, shampoos, creams, hygienic products.

Situated in Kharkov province – region, which is traditionally a flagship of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry of Ukraine, Farmakom company takes advantages of accumulated experience, cooperating with famous laboratories and recruiting highly skilled specialists. All of that guarantees the highest quality of our products, which is confirmed by ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005 certificates. 

Currently, the product range consists of about three hundred items and increases rapidly. For instance, in spring 2008 the company has started the manufacturing of pure essential oils and now the number of produced oils has increased up to 54 kinds in different packages. Moreover, in 2009, the production of fatty oils had been started.

The «Panthenol» series products (spray, baby powder, shampoo), «Zirochka» balms series, «Apipharm» oil balms (nasal drops) series are in great demand among Ukrainian and foreign customers. It is specially sought after such dietary supplements as «Indol-F», «Bilberry – F», «Ginkgo Biloba – F», «Spectropharm», «Essentiapharm», Brewer’s yeast with vitamins and minerals series, iodine defi ciency products «Iod-Pharm» and «Iod-Active plus».

The highest quality of our products, stability and constant diversification allow our company to maintain leading positions at the dietary supplements and medicinal cosmetics markets in Ukraine and to be in demand abroad. At present, Farmakom products are presented in Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Armenia. You can also find our products in online shops of Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand.

Considering the expansion on EU, Central Asia and Middle East markets as one of our strategic tasks, we are ready to negotiate by different ways about mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are fully confident of stability and prosperity for both parties due to our mutually advantageous and effective cooperation.