To solve the problem of iodine deficiency specialists of Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd. have developed a special preparation – IODINE-ACTIVE PLUS®. This dietary supplement is created on the basis of long-term experience of treatment and prevention of thyroid gland diseases, including after Chernobyl NPP accident.


Primary biological role of iodine consists in supporting thyroid gland function and synthesizing its hormones – thyroxin and triiodothyronine. As of today iodine is the only known microelement, participating in synthesis of these hormones. Physiological role of thyroid gland hormones is crucial: they control intensity of basal metabolism, influence water-salt, lipid and carbohydrate metabolisms. Being a hormone, thyroxin is in constant connection with other endocrine glands, especially with pituitary gland and sex glands, regulates activity of the brain, nervous and cardiovascular systems; it stimulates growth and mental development of a child.

Recent researches by World Health Organization (WHO) in various countries of the world showed that intelligence level (IQ) is directly connected with iodine consumption. Endocrine disorders due to iodine deficiency are often latent, that is why iodine deficiency is called ‘hidden hunger’. The highest rate of this hunger is observed in children: growth, mental development retardation, sometimes leading to cretinism development; they do poorly at school, process of remembering and acquisition of knowledge and skills are impaired.

Deficiency of iodine, being structural element of thyroid gland hormone, is often a hidden reason for development of various diseases.

Signs of iodine deficiency:

Emotional: irritability, subdued spirits, drowsiness, sluggishness, forgetfulness, attacks of unexplainable melancholy, tearfulness.

Cardiac: atherosclerosis, persistent to treatment with drugs, arrhythmia, in case of which special antiarrhythmic agents don’t give perceptible and persistent effect, rise of diastolic (lower) pressure due to vascular walls edemas.

Hematological: reduction of hemoglobin level in blood, in case of which iron-containing preparations are only of modest effect.

Gynecological: menstrual disorders (irregularity and sometimes absence of menses), sterility, mastopathy and fissures of the nipples.

Edematous: periorbital edema and puffiness of the whole body, in case of which systematic administration of diuretic deteriorates the state, forming addiction thereto.

Immunodeficient: frequent infectious and cold-related diseases, weakening of immune system even in case of insignificant hypothyroidism.

On the part of musculoskeletal system: atonia, pain in joints and in spine.

How to Eliminate Iodine Deficiency?

Over 1.5 billion of people on the Earth suffer from iodine deficiency. Salt iodization remains the most widespread solution for this problem in many countries. It is believed that this has averted as many as 12 ml of cases of mental enfeeblement. Standards for iodine content in salts are aimed at meeting physiological demand of this microelement of the body. Iodized salt found its first vast application in the 1950s in Switzerland, where thyroid disorders were frequent at that time.

One of the main ways to make up for iodine deficiency is the consumption of iodine-containing products: milk, eggs, sea fish. Unfortunately, iodine content in most of these products has not been precisely determined; moreover, 65% of this microelement content is lost due to prolonged storage and thermal processing.

IODINE-ACTIVE plus® is an analogue of natural iodine compounds, which we start receiving with the first drops of mother’s milk.

Form and Presentation:

Recommendations for Use: as dietary supplement, being an additional source of iodine, for iodine-deficient states prevention.

Method of Administration: adults and children from the age of 12.

For warranted iodine deficiency elimination it is recommended to take the remedy for 2 months, further, after a week’s interval take in courses of 20-30 days with a week’s intervals. To achieve stable result it is recommended to take the drug on a regular basis.

Contraindications: individual intolerability of certain components, persons with thyroid gland disorders, persons, taking other iodine preparations, pregnant and lactating women.

Not a medicine.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Ukraine, Kharkiv.