COSMETIC VASELINE (20 g metal jar)

It is a perfect product for skin care. It is recommended for hand and body care, to soften skin and prevent exfoliation and fissures. Due to vitamin A in its content, Vaseline has protective effect on epidermal cells in case of cleansing agents use.

It perfectly hydrates and softens skin, prevents liquid loss.

With cosmetic Vaseline by Farmakom at hand Your skin is well protected!

Ingredients: medical vaseline, perfume, vitamin A.

Cosmetic Vaseline by Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd. is a perfect example of qualitative approach to a widespread product. Suffice to open the tube with cosmetic Vaseline to feel the scent; if You apply it to Your skin, You’ll be in ecstasy of bliss, comfort, satisfaction and thank to the manufacturer.

Method of Application: apply small amount to cleaned skin twice a day.

Contraindications: not detected.

Form and Presentation: 20 g jar, 20 g tube.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine.