SEDASELFARM (30 caps x 400mg)

Sedaselfarm® dietary supplement is a modern approach to solving such a problem as neuroses, allowing to reduce acuity of stress reactions to nothing, to protect raw nerves with help of medicinal herbs, as only phytotherapeutical treatment can provide for the necessary duration thereof due to its efficient composition of several medicinal plants without any adverse effects, which are characteristic of modern synthetic drugs.

Harmony with nature in view of natural course of physiological processes is the ideal variant of our life. But the age of growing mental and emotional overloads dictates us the rhythm of life and sleep, which is not in line with human physiology, with ever increasing frequency. Presently even the most self-restrained people lose their temper – irritation is accumulated and a person suffers from depression, idiopathic headaches, mood changes, devastating insomnias or leaden sleep with nightmares. Under the rough survival conditions mankind is in the state of constant stress. Still sensible approach to our health may relieve or even reduce stress shocks to nothing, protect our body from “burning out”.

Ingredients: valerian root, melissa, peppermint, motherwort.

Valeriana officinalis is the most popular medicinal plant with expressed sedative effect, which has been used for nervous breakdowns, difficulties with falling asleep, neurogenic pains in gastrointestinal tract from old times.

Melissa officinalis is an effective painkilling medicinal herb for relieving neuralgias and head-aches; it has been used for treatment of nervous breakdowns, depression and disturbances of sleep, as well as to cope with increased psycho-emotional and physical loads.

Motherwort (leonurus) reduces excitability of the central nervous system, produces spasmolytic effect; it has sedative, hypotensive, cardiokinetic properties.

Peppermint is a medicinal plant, having spasmolytic, vasodilating effects, improves digestion; it provides choleretic effect; in folk medicine it is used to treat cardiovascular, pulmonary diseases, as a sedative in case of nervous diseases, as a conditioning agent in case of lack of energy.

Indications for Use: Sedaselfarm® can be used in diets in case of psycho-emotional loads, disturbances of sleep, as an additional source of a complex of biologically active substances of plant origin.

Precautions for Use: individual sensitivity to certain components, pregnancy, lactation.

Method of Administration: 1 capsule thrice a day with food for one month, further the term of administration is to be agreed with a doctor.

Caloric Value: kcal/100 g – 240 kcal.

Form and Presentation: capsules 0.4 g N30.

Not a medicine.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine