SOFT SKIN (60 tabs x 500mg)

Stress, unfavorable ecological situation, increased solar radiation, caused by ozone holes, insufficient intake of nutritive substances are among main conditions, affecting our skin, its freshness and beauty. Soft Skin dietary supplement will help supporting skin health, removing wrinkles and acne on the face, increasing tonus of the skin, protecting body from premature ageing.

It is recommended as a dietary supplement, providing nutritive support and improving state of the skin.

Ingredients: horsetail plant, celandine plant, wheat germ, vitamin premix, brewer's yeast autolysate, purified sulfur, beta-carotene.

Mode of Administration: adults 1-2 pills a day with food, take with water. Course of administration is 1 month.

Contraindications: individual sensitivity to certain components, children, pregnancy and lactation.

Caloric value, kcal/100 g – 110.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.5 g N60.

Not a medicine.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Ukraine, Kharkiv.