• Improving of bowels’s secretory function;
  • Improving of fermentation and gasifi cation;

Carboactive® is a group of sorbents, which are recommended as a dietary supplement to evacuate toxic substances from the body, improve intestinal secretory function, reduce fermentation processes and flatulence.

Sorbents belong to a wide group of drugs, which are able to evacuate various toxic substances from the body. Most modern diseases are caused by contamination with radionuclids, heavy metals, pesticides. The body is oversaturated with the substances, received from outside, as well as toxins, which are formed as a product of internal processes under the conditions of disturbed metabolism. That is why scientists come to a conclusion that it is practically impossible to treat patients without adsorptive remedies, as all the treatment methods are either weakly efficient or inefficient at all without evacuation of toxic products. Thus, application of novel sorptive drugs and methods proved to be very effective in treatment of dozens of various diseases: immune and autoimmune, allergic ones, chronic hepatitises, pancreatitises, kidney diseases, nervous system impairment etc.

Carboactive® dietary supplements, based on activated carbon, are used for dyspepsia, flatulence, foodborne intoxications, poisonings with alkaloids and salts of heavy metals etc. The range includes 13 types of activated carbon both in the pure form or in composition with medicinal plants. Effective compositions of Carboactive®, depending on the type, have additional positive effect on the functional systems of the body.

The main active ingredient of Carboactive® dietary supplements is activated carbon of plant origin, having great surface activity, which is able to absorb bases, alkaloids, toxins, glycosides, salts of heavy metals, salycilates, barbiturates and other compounds, reduce their absorrbion in the gastrointestinal tract and evacuate them from the body with faces. It adsorbs acids and bases poorly, does not irritate gastric mucosa. For maximum effect it is recommended to take activated carbon immediately after poisoning or within first hours after poisoning: it is necessary to create excess carbon content in the stomach before stomach lavage and in the intestine thereafter.

Carboactive® dietary supplements range, based on activated carbon, include:


Ingredients: activated carbon.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10 and N50, capsules 0.3 g N20.



Ingredients: activated carbon, chamomile.

Form and Presentation: capsules 0.3 g N20.



Ingredients: activated carbon, propolis.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10 and N50.


CARBOACTIVE®+Garlic, Turmeric and Straw Flower

Ingredients: activated carbon, garlic, turmeric, straw flower.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10.


CARBOACTIVE®+Carrot and Bilberry

Ingredients: activated carbon, carrot, bilberry.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10 and N50.


CARBOACTIVE®+Mint and Fennel

Ingredients: activated carbon, mint, fennel.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10 and N50.


CARBOACTIVE®+Chamonile and Calendula

Ingredients: activated carbon, chamonile, calendula.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10 and N50.


CARBOACTIVE®+Yarrow and Nettle

Ingredients: activated carbon, milfoil, nettle.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10 and N50.


Ingredients: activated carbon, pollen.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10.


Ingredients: activated carbon, dill.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10.



Ingredients: activated carbon, calamus.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10.


CARBOACTIVE®+Field Horsetail

Ingredients: activated carbon, field horsetail.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10.


CARBOACTIVE®+Dogrose and Rowanberry

Ingredients: activated carbon, dogrose, rowanberry.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10.


Ingredients: activated carbon, Saint-John’s-wort.

Form and Presentation: pills 0.25 g N10.

Caloric Value, kcal/100 g – 42 kcal.


Method of Administration: adults – 1-2 pills/capsules a day 1-1.5 or 2 hours after meals, wash down with water. Course of administration is 14 days. If necessary, the course may be repeated.

Contraindications: individual sensitivity to certain components, pregnancy, pediatric use.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Ukraine, Kharkiv.