CALCIUM with D3 vitamin (100 tabs x 500mg)

Calcium with Vitamin D3 is a dietary supplement, which is recommended as a prophylactic remedy for teeth, fragile nails strengthening, in case of bone and vascular disorders.

Calcium is a most important microelement, which is necessary for human body functioning and is consumed with food. Calcium ions participate in blood clotting process, cell membranes permeability regulation, and neural impulses transmission; they take part in regulation of most various biochemical processes – hormones secretion, muscular contractions etc. Calcium is of vital importance for supporting health of the teeth and bones.

Calcium demand is age-dependent. Its daily value is 800-1000 mg for adults, and 600-900 mg for children due to active skeleton growth. About 90% of the total amount of calcium in the body is contained in bones and teeth. For replenishment of daily value of calcium it is necessary to consume food products, containing calcium, on an everyday basis. Main sources of calcium for human body are milk products (cottage cheese, milk, cheeses), fish, soya products, beans, peanut, walnut, sunflower seeds, green vegetables (broccoli, celery, parsley, cabbage), garlic, radish. On the other hand, it should be noted that excess amount of fat, phytic acid (contained in corn and beans) hinder calcium uptake. Calcium deficiency in the pregnant may cause calcium wash-out from the bones and teeth of the expectant mother, what further results in problem with teeth and premature osteoporosis development.

Availability of sufficient amount of vitamin D3, improving calcium absorption in the intestines and its fixation in the bone tissue, in body is required for normal calcium uptake and elimination. In case of absence of the necessary amount of vitamin D3 only 8-10% of consumed calcium is taken up. Sings of calcium deficiency are frequent fractures, muscular cramps (especially in the night), pains in joints and in the back, allergic reactions, fragile nails, poor state of teeth and nails.

Composition: calcium carbonate – 50 mg, vitamin C – 25 mg, vitamin B6 – 10 mg, vitamin D3 – 0.028 mg, excipients.

Recommendations for Calcium with Vitamin D3 Administration:

Method of Administration: adults and children under 12 – 1-2 pills thrice a day, children aged 4-12 – 1 pill twice a day after meals. Course of administration is 1 month. Repeat the course in three months.

Contraindications: individual intolerability of certain components.

Caloric value: kcal/100 g – 248.

Vitamin C content in 100 g of product: 5 g, vitamin D3 content – 0.0056 g.

Not a medicine.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Ukraine, Kharkiv.