We have created LeviSilk shower gels for careful and effective skin care. Specially developed formulations, based on D-panthenol (dexpanthenol) and allantoin, as well as thoroughly selected ingredients shall give your skin necessary nutrients, moisturize, perfectly clean it and provide for effective care.

D-panthenol (dexpanthenol), water-soluble provitamin B5, penetrating deep into the skin, promotes skin cells regeneration, cell metabolism normalization, increase in the amount of collagen fibers and tissues regeneration. Allantoin is a popular cosmetic component, contained in the roots of Symphytum officinale (common comfrey). This plant has found its medicinal application in the medicine for wounds healing, restoration of damaged cells from long ago. When contacting the skin, allantoin provides moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic effects, promotes increase of moisture content in upper epidermis, exfoliation of keratinized outer skin cells, acceleration of wounds healing. Each of the LeviSilk shower gels contains additional natural ingredients, enhancing formulation effectiveness, providing for a brand new care for all skin types. Great tolerability of LeviSilk shower gels was corroborated by dermatological control.



Bioenergetic formulation of the gel with antioxidant properties normalizes tissue respiration and promotes skin energy regeneration. Grape and Echinacea extracts in the formulation promote stimulation of the cell mechanism, calm skin, protect and regenerate skin cells.

Form and Presentation: 300 ml bottle.



Green tea ranks first among plant antioxidants. Ginseng extract provides great conditioning and biostimulating effects on the body. Green tea shall give Your skin additional freshness and protection from negative environmental factors, improve its structure, relieve and activate cell metabolism.

Form and Presentation: 7 ml sachet, 300 ml bottle.



It is a perfect product for cellulite prevention and skin condition improvement. Coffee and cinnamon extracts shall purify the skin, removing died epidermis cells and provide for more intensive penetration of active ingredients to the deep skin layers, and the caffeine in coffee extract tones the skin and stimulates lipids decomposition.

Form and Presentation: 300 ml bottle.



It is a perfect natural detergent, developed with application of modern technologies. It improves skin’s appearance due to its unique effect thereon. Propolis extract, contained in the gel, provide for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerating properties, and the pollen extract is the richest source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Form and Presentation: 300 ml bottle.



It shall give Your skin wonderful senses – a combination of soft care and pleasant freshness. Its gentle consistency with panthenol and algai extract shall preserve skin natural balance, relieve muscular strain, regulate sweat secretion and improve circulation.

Form and Presentation: 300 ml bottle.



It cleans skin gently and delicately, relieves strain and saturates it with vitamins. Special relax-formulation of the gel helps relieving stress, caused by fast pace of life, and relaxing. Melissa extract, contained in the gel, has antiseptic, moisturizing and calming properties, linden extract provides softening and conditioning effects.

Form and Presentation: sachet 7 ml, 300 ml bottle.



It provides for excellent moisturizing of Your skin. Combination of moisturizing and caring natural components shall make Your skin soft and elastic, and a light pleasant scent excites feelings. Aloe extract, penetrating to skin, perfectly moisturizes it, while bamboo extract improves its elasticity.

Form and Presentation: 300 ml bottle.



A special formulation, based on pomegranate and ginger extracts, restores skin energetic balance. Ginger protects Your skin from microbial effect, pomegranate is a product with high vitamin content, rich in ascorbic acid, sugars, tanins, which energises Your skin.

Form and Presentation: 300 ml bottle.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Ukraine, Kharkiv.