Artichoke is a dietary supplement, which may be recommended as an additional source of biologically active substances of plant origin; it promotes normalization of functional status of the liver, bile ducts, normalizing gastrointestinal tract performance. It has hepatoprotective, diuretic and antioxidant properties.

Ingredients: artichoke extract – 100.0 mg, excipients.

General properties of active ingredients:

Curative value of artichoke is associated with an aggregate of complexes of biologically active ingredients, contained in artichoke (Cynara scolymus).

Cynarin together with phenolic acids, bioflavonoids and other substances provide cholertic, diuretic and hepatoprotective effects, promote reducing uric acid level in blood, improve metabolic processes in the body. Artichoke also contains flavonoids, bitternesses, ascorbic acid, vitamins B1, B2, carotene, inulin, mineral substances, in particular potassium salts.

Artichoke may be recommended in case of:

Recommendations for use: adults – 1-2 pills thrice a day with food. Course of administration is up to 1 month. Further the term of administration and the possibility of repeated course are to be agreed with a doctor.

Consult a doctor prior to administration.

Precautions for use: individual sensitivity to certain components, pregnancy, lactation, children under 12.

Form and Presentation: pills 250 mg N40 and N80.

Not a medicine.

Manufacturer: Manufacturing and Trading Company Farmakom Ltd., Ukraine, Kharkiv